I would like this site to be accessible to everyone.  If you have any problems with this site or any questions or suggestions please get in touch so I can make improvements and improve the site for everyone.

Text Size

This site has been designed so that text can be made bigger or smaller in any web browser.

  • In most Windows browsers you can increase text size for the current browser session using Ctrl and ‘ + ‘ (plus) and make it smaller using Ctrl and ‘ – ‘ (minus).
  • On a Mac use the cmd or Apple key and ‘ + ‘ (plus) to make text larger and cmd or Apple key and ‘ – ‘ (minus) to make text smaller.
  • To find out more about changing text size in different browsers and permanently changing text size go to the BBC’s My Web My Way.

Keyboard Navigation

You can navigate this website just using the keyboard.

  • If you are browsing on a Windows machine you can use the TAB key to navigate through the links, buttons and fields on a page.
  • If you are browsing on a Mac you can use alt and TAB to navigate through the links on a page.
  • To navigate through other form fields on a page just using the TAB key on a Mac you will need to change the keyboard settings in system preferences to ‘All controls’ for the Full Keyboard access option.


Heading are used on all the site pages to provide a logical, visual structure and help people using the site with screen readers or other assistive technologies.


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to style the pages in this site.   If your browser doesn’t support CSS then the content will still be displayed in a way that is easily readable.


All the pages on this site can be printed neatly using the browser print function, there is no need for a separate print version.

Help customising this site

The BBC’s My Web My Way has lots of information about how you can customise a website to make it more accessible, this includes changes to text size, using the keyboard instead of the mouse and making the mouse more visible.